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Soccer, generally known as football, is one of the most popular sports in the world. Almost every country has a soccer club and the most famous tend to be found in Europe. While most of the world calls it football, North America refers to it specifically as soccer. This is to prevent confusion with the sport of American football. Soccer is a very physically demanding sport, requiring lots of endurance and quick bursts of speed.


The game is built off of a simple premise: put the soccer ball in the other team’s goal and score a point. While there are rules and intricacies of the game, it is fairly easy to follow and can be easily participated in by a novice. The main rule of infraction that causes the most problems for new players is that, aside from the goalie, a player cannot touch the ball with his or her hands. The offside rule can be tricky as well, but is easily mastered with some practice.

In order to be effective there are many drills and skills that needs to be developed, such as ball control and strategy. These skills apply to someone who is attempting to play at competitive levels. Those playing for physical training or for fun do not need the in depth knowledge or skill, but they will need to be fit to keep up with the game. A soccer game consists of two periods, each forty five minutes long. There are few substitutions in the game, so a player must be able to keep moving for the entire period.

Equipment for the sports is fairly easy to get and set up; all you need for a game is a ball and two goals. Its relative lack of expensive equipment is what has helped make soccer the game that anyone can play, anywhere, as long as they have a ball. You can walk through any neighborhood on the planet and easily find kids playing a game. The only more specialized equipment for soccer that competitive players will invest in are a solid pair of cleats for traction on the field and shin guards to protect the shins from missed kicks.

Soccer is a great game to enjoy both for fun and for fitness. It can be played indoors or outdoors and requires little to start an impromptu game. So grab that ball and head out onto the green, green grass!

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