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Adidas Balls Are The Most Widely Used World Cup Soccer Ball

When it comes to recognizing the most used World Cup soccer ball the name of Adidas immediately springs to mind because it is the brand that has dominated the world scene on important occasions such during the playing of several different World Cups in several different regions of the world. However, even when playing soccer on a local pitch you will still see the Adidas soccer ball being used by most lovers of the game of soccer.

The Standard For Quality Soccer Balls

The Adidas Telstar is a World Cup soccer ball that has made quite an impact on the big stage. It was also a very unique World Cup soccer ball in that it used the design known as ‘Bucky’ and it contained twelve black colored pentagons along with twenty white colored hexagons. Its success as a World Cup soccer ball ensured that it became the standard as far as quality soccer balls is concerned.

One notable feature about the Adidas Telstar was that it was used in the World Cups held in the years 1970 and ’74 and it was also, thanks to its black and white markings, easily visible on TV. In fact, the Telstar part of the name refers to Television Star. The popularity of this World Cup soccer ball ensured that it would remain the official World Cup soccer ball for the following twenty years, and the only thing that changed during this long spell as a World Cup soccer ball was its design that could be adjusted to suit the World Cup host country’s wishes.

The Adidas Tango was the successor to the Adidas Telstar and it began its life as a World Cup soccer ball in the 1978 version of the World Cup and had the distinction of being the most costly soccer ball in history and its design too was hugely popular as well.

As recently as the year 2002, the Adidas Fevernova became the next World Cup soccer ball and its design was specially adjusted to suit playing conditions in twin host countries South Korea and Japan. However, this World Cup soccer ball was criticized for being extra light and its design was blamed for some notable upsets in the early rounds of the tournament. However, it was a very accurate World Cup soccer ball whose flight was predictable and it was also the first soccer ball to use layers of foam.

There is an interesting history to the story of the official soccer ball. As a matter of fact, it would be quite surprising to learn that the origins of this soccer ball trace back long ago to the use of a soccer ball that consisted of a human head stitched inside animal skins and which were kicked about by the earliest exponents of soccer.

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