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Soccer Equipment: All About It and Where To Buy

The game of soccer is played throughout the world by people at all levels and irrespective of background or socioeconomic class.  It is a relatively easy game to setup depending on the level of competitive game that you are aspiring to play.  While competitive or professional soccer requires specialized equipment and a regulation field; a quick non-competitive game can be organized anywhere there is open space to run.

The primary and possibly only equipment that you cannot play a game without is a soccer ball. After the ball, any other equipment is optional and depends on the level of competitiveness. Goals can be improvised to simply mark the locations roughly or they can be actual metals posts with netting; or a step up – regulation goals that meet the football association’s requirements and measurements.  Regular players will definitely invest in cleat. These are specialized shoes, similar to golf shoes that are equipped with spikes on the soles. The soles dig into the field, giving the player more traction as he or she runs. Shin guards can be made from fiberglass, foam rubber, polyurethane or plastic. Soccer is not the only game to use shin guards; you will find players of rugby, ice hockey, and baseball wearing them.

The playing pitch itself should have boundaries. These can be actual field lines, painted onto the grass or they can be flags or other markers to provide a rough estimate of on-field and off-field areas. Jerseys are useful to differentiate which teams players belong to and competitive teams will have their team’s colors and name on theirs. The goalie’s jersey and overall apparel is always different from the other members of the team because the goalie needs to stand out. Different rules apply to the goalie as he or she can handle the ball with their hands and as such, their different uniform will ensure that a referee doesn’t tag them for their handling of the ball.

Keep in mind that with any level of players, a referee is a bonus in a noncompetitive match and essential in a competitive one. The referee is the official in the game who enforces the rules of the game. They should have an understanding both of how the game is played and what the rules are. At the professional level, they are trained and are certified referees.

Soccer equipment can easily be found in local sporting goods stores or on the internet. Some city recreational centers or schools might even rent out their equipment or fields.

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