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Soccer Referee Uniform Must Be Unique And Different

A soccer referee regulates the game of soccer though he does not take any active part in the proceedings other than to stop play whenever infringements of the soccer rules take place. It is therefore necessary that the soccer referee uniform be such as to help set this official apart from the other twenty-two players on the playing field. Also, the soccer referee uniform must be comfortable for the referee while he is on the field so that he can move about freely and stay abreast of the game as it is being played.

Referee’s Shirt

The soccer referee uniform includes the soccer referee’s shirt that needs to be absolutely different than the soccer shirts being worn by any of the opposing team players. Fortunately, when it comes to picking a color for the soccer referee’s shirt there are numerous color combinations from which to choose and mostly the color chosen is one that is absolutely different than both the colors of the opposing team’s soccer jerseys.

Typical colors that are used for the soccer referee uniform include basic black along with a white colored collar; gold with black colored pinstripes; black with white colored pinstripes; red with black colored pinstripes, and blue with black colored pinstripes.

Another important aspect to picking a soccer referee uniform is the material of the referee’s jersey that however is often pretty much like the materials used in the players’ jerseys. A majority of soccer referee uniform jerseys are made from pure polyester or some microfiber that will absorb sweat from the body in a more effective manner.

The referee’s jersey also has large enough pockets that generally hold the ref’s wallet and it (the pocket) generally uses Velcro patches on the pocket where the badge of the referee association can be displayed prominently. The other item of soccer referee uniforms is the shorts that are generally colored black and which go with the jersey. However, the shorts contain three pockets with one pocket having a Velcro closure where the ref keeps the cards to warn or send off players.

Socks too are generally colored black and are usually made from acrylic or nylon blends. A soccer team uniform is the most essential item of wear for every soccer player. It needs to be chosen with great care as a proper such uniform can actually help a player to perform better on the playing field and in addition they provide a unique identity to each team player as well.

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