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Soccer Shoes Cleats: A Matter Of Preference

People in different parts of the world use the term soccer shoes and cleats interchangeably with Europeans calling this item of footwear a soccer boot while the rest of the world refers to the same item of footwear as cleats. In the case of indoor soccer, a pair of soccer shoes or cleats generally refers to a pair of shoes that resemble sneakers but in fact are not. Soccer shoes or cleats used in the indoors differ from the same items that are used for outdoor use in that the former do not have spikes while the latter do have them.

Different Soles

The sole of indoor soccer shoes or cleats too is different than the outdoor version as the indoor variety must have rubber soles (non-marking) which in effect means that when these indoor soccer shoes or cleats are used on indoor surface there is little if any wear and tear. In fact, the indoor varieties are often referred to as flats while the traditional outdoor variety is called cleats.

The hallmark of good soccer shoes or cleats is that they can prove to be very handy on dry and artificial surfaces – even when these surfaces are located in the outdoors. The material from which soccer shoes or cleats are made can have a significant impact on the quality of play and this is why you need to pay special attention to the uppers that are usually made from a blend of leathers – natural and synthetic.

Another important feature to choosing the right pair of soccer shoes or cleats is the fit. This is perhaps the most important feature because it would hardly be possible to make good use of your soccer shoes or cleats if they did not fit well. To ensure that you get a proper fitting pair of soccer shoes or cleats makes sure to use a sizing chart to get your feet’s size right and in addition also test out a pair while wearing your soccer socks.

Another helpful tip in regard to getting the most out of your soccer shoes or cleats is to wear your new pair around the house for a week or so in order to get used to them and to also break in the pair prior to using them under tough conditions.

Before stepping out on the soccer field makes sure to do some warm-up soccer drills. By warming up prior to playing your game you will attune your body for the rigors of soccer play – both mentally as well as physically – which will ensure that you are prepared to withstand the pain and shock of actual play.

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