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Soccer Uniform: Everything About It

The uniform of a soccer team is worn by all its members, with goalies wearing a variation of the team uniform. All team members must wear a common jersey, shorts and socks. This entire ensemble is referred to as a “kit”. The goalie’s uniform differs slightly from his or her teammates because different rules apply to this position. Referees must be able to distinguish the goalie from other players so as to not make mistakes in rulings.

The Jersey

A soccer jersey is usually made of a lightweight fabric to help skin breath and wick moisture away from the player. It helps prevent field players from overheating and it provides comfort as the game requires constant movement. It will be in the team’s colors and usually will display both the team logo and identifying player number. Professional teams will have players names displayed with their number so individual players can be identified as they play the game. Generally each player’s last name will be displayed, but some players have their well-known nicknames on their jerseys instead. Examples of famous soccer players with nicknames are Kaka (Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite), Ronaldinho (Ronaldo de Assis Moreira) or Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento .Each team will have a unique set of colors, design and logo and it is not uncommon to see striping as a pattern on the jerseys.

On the field the goal the goalie will wear a special jersey that allows them to stand out. It is not the same soccer uniform jersey as they have special allowances on the field, like being able to touch the ball with their hands.

As soccer is a continual game with few breaks, there are few television commercials seen during professional games. As a result, seeing sponsor’s logos on soccer jerseys is not an unusual sight. Just as in any other sport, soccer fans will wear the jerseys of their teams to games.


Soccer shorts are also made of a lightweight fiber for comfort and ease of movement. They are traditionally not as long as a basketball shorts because of the speeds that players need to run at, they need little obstruction in the way of clothing. Unlike patterned jerseys, soccer shorts will generally be a solid color; the only design being piping or a color-on-color pattern.


The soccer socks round out the soccer kit. They are about knee high in length and will also resemble the team’s colors. The socks help in keeping the shin guards in place and offer an extra layer of protection against mislaid kicks.

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