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The Importance of a Soccer Coaching Drill

Every soccer coach wants the kids on their team to do as well as they possibly can. They want them to feel good about themselves and excel at the sport during every single game. There are a few things that you are going to want to make sure you do then if you want your kids to make every soccer goal they can, and more than anything this means practicing a soccer coaching drill over and over again.

Only with repetition are you going to be teach the kids what they really need to know and have them be the best that they possibly can be.


There are a few soccer coaching drill ideas in particular that have proven to work very effectively. One soccer coaching drill that you are definitely going to want to try with your team has to do with breakaways. For this drill you want to divide your team into attackers and defenders, and then you want to have the attackers in red bibs and defenders in blue bibs.

Now make sure that you have three lines of attackers, of which need to be spread out equally at the midline. You want to name each line of attackers to keep track of them, as A1, A2, and A3. A1 is going to start off with the soccer ball.

Now you want to have the center defender positioned at the top of the arc, and the goalkeeper should be positioned in front of the goal somewhere out near the edge of 6 yard box. There should be two more lines of defenders at opposite sides of the pitch on the touchline about ten yards inside of the midfield, and remember that the defensive lines should be named just the same so that you can keep track.

Now you want to have the defender lines wait a bit before entering the field, and attacker A1 should dribble at defender D1 and use combinations of passes, overlaps, wall passes and other moves.

Another great soccer coaching drill is get out of here, which is a good soccer coaching drill that is all around and which helps players to improve at just about every basic skill, making it perfect for beginner players. It helps with vision, transition, communication, passing, receiving and shooting so players get to learn everything they need in order to excel at the game and win when they get out there to play for real.

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